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Maître de conférence, Université de Lorraine

Tel : (33) 3 83 59 42 37 ; Fax : (33) 3 83 51 17 98

e-mail David Jousselin

Recherche/Research Interests

  • High temperature structures in ophiolites (Oman, Philippines)
  • Tomography of the mantle at the East Pacific Rise
  • Evolution of fault systems in the Gulf of Corinth
  • Geological context of the pyramids of Egypt (project of the Université de Lorraine)


  • 2002 - Assistant professor at the Université de Lorraine. Teaching at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie.
  • Research laboratory : Centre de Recherches Pétrographiques et Géochimiques
  • 2001-2002 Lecturer at Université du Maine (Le mans)
  • 2000-2001 Lecturer at Université Aix-Marseille III
  • 1998-2000 Post-doctoral researcher at University of Oregon (USA) "Seismic modeling of the Oman ophiolite and comparisons with undershooting data from the East-Pacific-Rise", in collaboration with D. Toomey (financed by RIDGE-National Science Foundation)
  • 1998 Ph. D "Structure détaillée et propriétés sismiques des diapirs de manteau dans l’ophiolite d’Oman" (Tectonophysics Laboratory of Université Montpellier II, thesis director : Prof. A. Nicolas)


Publication CRPG


Jousselin, D., Nicolas, A., Boudier, F., Reisberg, L., Henri, M., & Nicolle, M. (2021). Formation of the Moho transition zone in the Oman ophiolite, and comparison with sub-Moho melt lenses at fast spreading ridges. Tectonophysics, 821, 229148.
Klaessens, D., Reisberg, L., Jousselin, D., & and the Oman Drilling Project Science Team. (2021). Highly siderophile element and Os isotope results from the structurally atypical Batin dunite in the Wadi Tayin massif of the Oman ophiolite. JGR Solid Earth, .
Klaessens, D., Resiberg, L., Jousselin, D., & Godard, M. (2021). Osmium isotope evidence for rapid melt migration towards the Moho in the Oman ophiolite. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 572, 117111.


Kelemen, P., Matter, J. M., Teagle, D. A. H., Coggon, J. A., and the Oman Drilling Project Science Team, France, L., et al. (2020). Proceedings of the Oman Drilling Project. College Station, TX (International Ocean Discovery Program, .


Nicolas, A., Meshi, A., Boudier, F., Jousselin, D., & Muceku, B. (2017). Mylonites in ophiolite of Mirdita (Albania): Oceanic detachment shear zone. Geosphere, 13(1), 136–154.


Nicolle, M., Jousselin, D., Reisberg, L., Bosch, D., & Stephant, A. (2016). Major and trace element and Sr and Nd isotopic results from mantle diapirs in the Oman ophiolite: Implications for off-axis magmatic processes. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 437, 138–149.


Ford, M., Rohais, S., Williams, E. A., Bourlange, S., Jousselin, D., Backert, N., et al. (2012). Tectono-sedimentary evolution of the western Corinth rift (Central Greece). Basin Research, , 1–23.
Jousselin, D., Morales, L. F. G., Nicolle, M., & Stephant, A. (2012). Gabbro layering induced by simple shear in the Oman ophiolite Moho transition zone. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 331-332, 55–66.


Toomey, D. R., Jousselin, D., Dunn, R. A., & et al. (2009). Mantle skewness and ridge segmentation Toomey et al. reply. Nature, 458, E12–E13.


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Jousselin, D., Dunn, R., & Toomey, D. R. (2003). Modeling the seismic signature of structural data from the Oman Ophiolite: can a mantle diapir be detected beneath the East Pacific Rise? Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems G3, 4(7), 8610.

Autres publications / Other Publications


Godard, M., Jousselin, D., & Bodinier, J. L. (2000). Relationships between geochemistry and structure beneath a palaeo-spreading centre : a study of the mantle section in the Oman ophiolite. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 180(1-2), 133–148.

Jousselin, D., & Nicolas, A. (2000). Oceanic ridge off-axis deep structure in the Mansah region (Sumail massif, Oman ophiolite). Marine Geophysical Research, 21(3-4), 243–257.

Jousselin, D., & Nicolas, A. (2000). The Moho transition zone in the Oman ophiolite-relation with wehrlites in the crust and dunites in the mantle. Marine Geophysical Research, 21(3-4), 229–241.


Jousselin, D., & Mainprice, D. (1998). Melt topology and seismic anisotropy in mantle peridotites of the Oman ophiolite. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 164(3-4), 553–568.

Jousselin, D., Nicolas, A., & Boudier, F. (1998). Detailed mapping of a mantle diapir below a paleo-spreading center in the Oman ophiolite. Journal of Geophysical Research – Solid Earth, 103(B8), 18153–18170.


Boudier, F., Nicolas, A., Ildefonse, B., & Jousselin, D. (1997). EPR microplates, a model for the Oman ophiolite. Terra Nova, 9, 79–82.


  • Responsible for practical sessions in tectonics (1st year ENSG)
  • Responsible for fieldwork module (Corbières) (1st year ENSG)
  • Responsible for analysis of orogenic zones module (2nd year ENSG)
  • Classes in geodynamics, tectonics, neotectonics (all levels at ENSG, preparatory classes at Université de Lorraine)
  • Supervision of laboratory projects (2nd year and 3rd year ENSG) and masters projects

Supervision de thèse /Thesis supervision

  • Marie Nicolle (2014) : Mise en place et évolution des magmas dans le manteau superficiel sous les dorsales (Laurie Reisberg, co-director)