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Professeur, Université de Lorraine

Tel : (33) 3 83 59 42 34 ; Fax : (33) 3 83 51 17 98

e-mail François Faure

Recherche/Research Interests

  • High temperature experimental petrology
  • Crystal morphology, reaction textures, melt inclusions
  • Growth rates and dissolution rates of magmatic minerals
  • Crystallisation kinematics of terrestrial and extraterrestrial magmas


  • 2016 : Professeur, Université de Lorraine, ENSG
  • 2014 : HDR, Université de Lorraine. Les textures : marqueurs des processus magmatiques terrestres et extra-terrestres.
  • 2005 - 2016 : Assistant professor at the Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy I
  • 2002 - 2005 : CNRS research engineer at the Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, Clermont-Ferrand : scanning electron microscopes and development of the magmatic inclusions laboratory
  • 2001 - 2002 : Post-doctoral fellowship at CRPG : experimental study of the origin of spinifex texture in komatiites and the crystallisation of basaltic shergottites (Martian meteorites)
  • 1996 - 2001 : Ph. D (Experimental petrology) at the Université B. Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand. Texture de croissance rapide dans les roches magmatiques basiques et ultrabasiques : étude expérimentale et nanoscopique


Publications CRPG


Barbey, P., Grandprat, M., & Faure, F. (2021). Cordierite-bearing orbicules record bulk assimilation and the pulsating nature of magma ascent : The Lafaye orbicular granite (France). Journal of Petrology, , 1–23.


Faure, F. (2020). Early silica crust formation in planetesimals by metastable silica-rich liquid immiscibility or cristobalite crystallisation: the possible origin of silica-rich chondrules. Scientific Reports, .


Barbey, P., Faure, F., Paquette, J. L., Pistre, K., Delangle, C., & Gremilliet, J. P. (2019). Skeletal quartz and dendritic biotite: Witnesses of primary disequilibrium growth textures in an alkali-feldspar granite. Lithos, 348-349, 105202.
Laumonier, M., Laporte, D., Faure, F., Provost, A., Schiano, P., & Ito, K. (2019). An experimental study of dissolution and precipitation of forsterite in a thermal gradient: implications for cellular growth of olivine phenocrysts in basalt and melt inclusion formation. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 174, 94.
Vacher, L. G., Truche, L., Faure, F., Tissandier, L., Mosser-Ruck, R., & Marrocchi, Y. (2019). Deciphering the conditions of tochilinite and cronstedtite formation in CM chondrites from low temperature hydrothermal experiments. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 54, 1870–1889.


Florentin, L., Deloule, E., Faure, F., & Mangin, D. (2018). Chemical 3D-imaging of glass inclusions from allende (CV3) olivine via SIMS: A new insight on chondrule formation conditions. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 230, 83–93.
Fournier, J., Régnier, E., Faure, F., Le Goff, X., Brau, H. P., Brackx, E., et al. (2018). Application of the JMAK model for crystal dissolution kinetics in a borosilicate melt. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 489, 77–83.
Fournier, J., Régnier, E., Faure, F., Le Goff, X., Brau, H. P., Brackx, E., et al. (2018). Modeling of dissolution kinetics of rare earth crystals in a borosilicate glass melt. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 481, 248–253.


Faure, F., Tissandier, L., Florentin, L., & Devineau, K. (2017). A magmatic origin for silica-rich glass inclusions hosted in porphyritic magnesian olivines in chondrules: An experimental study. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 204, 19–31.
Florentin, L., Faure, F., Deloule, E., Tissandier, L., Gurenko, A., & Lequin, D. (2017). Origin of Na in glass inclusions hosted in olivine from Allende CV3 and Jbilet Winselwan CM2: Implications for chondrule formation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 474, 160–171.
Tissandier, L., Florentin, L., Lequin, D., Baillot, P., & Faure, F. (2017). A new heating stage for high temperature/low fO2 conditions. Journal of Crystal Growth, 458, 72–79.


Pignatelli, I., Faure, F., & Mosser-Ruck, R. (2016). Self-mixing magma in the Ruiz Peak rhyodacite (New Mexico, USA): A mechanism explaining the formation of long period polytypes of mica. Lithos, 266-267, 332–347.


Borisova, A. Y., Faure, F., Deloule, E., Grégoire, M., Béjina, F., de Parseval, P., et al. (2014). Lead isotope signatures of Kerguelen plume-derived olivine-hosted melt inclusions: Constraints on the ocean island basalt petrogenesis. Lithos, 198-199, 153–171.
Bouquain, S., Arndt, N. T., Faure, F., & Libourel, G. (2014). An experimental study of pyroxene crystallization during rapid cooling in a thermal gradient: application to komatiites. Solid Earth, 5, 641–650.
Faure, F., & Tissandier, L. (2014). Contrasted liquid lines of descent revealed by olivine-hosted melt inclusions and the external magma. Journal of Petrology, 55(9), 1779–1798.


Marin-Carbonne, J., Faure, F., Chaussidon, M., Jacob, D., & Robert, F. (2013). A petrographic and isotopic criterion of the state of preservation of Precambrian cherts based on the characterization of the quartz veins. Precambrian Research, 231, 290–300.
Seddiki, A., Moine, B., Cottin, J. Y., Bascou, J., Godard, M., Faure, F., et al. (2013). A mineralogical and geochemical study of polymict eucrite discovered in Sahara of southwest Algeria. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 6(9), 3175–3184.
Welsch, B., Faure, F., Famin, V., Baronnet, A., & Bachèlery, P. (2013). Dentritic crystallization: A single process for all the textures of olivine in basalts? Journal of Petrology, 54(3), 539–574.


Colin, A., Faure, F., & Burnard, P. (2012). Timescales of convection in magma chambers below the Mid-Atlantic ridge from melt inclusions investigations. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 164, 677–691.
Faure, F., Tissandier, L., Libourel, G., Mathieu, R., & Welsch, B. (2012). Origin of glass inclusions hosted in magnesian porphyritic olivines chondrules: Deciphering planetesimal compositions. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 319-320, 1–8.


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Koepke, J., France, L., Müller, T., Faure, F., Goetze, N., Dziony, W., et al. (2011). Gabbos from IODP site 1256, equatorial Pacific: Insight into axial magma chamber processes at fast spreading ocean ridges. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems G3, 12(9), Q09014.


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Faure, F., Schiano, P., Trolliard, G., Nicollet, C., & Soulestin, B. (2007). Textural evolution of polyhedral olivine experiencing rapid cooling rates. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 153(4), 369–492.
Moune, S., Faure, F., Gauthier, P. J., & Sims, K. W. W. (2007). Pele's hairs and tears: natural probe of volcanic plume. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 164(4), 244–253.


Faure, F., Arndt, N., & Libourel, G. (2006). Formation of spinifex texture in komatiites: an experimental study. Journal of Petrology, 47(8), 1591–1610.
Schiano, P., Provost, A., Clocchiatti, R., & Faure, F. (2006). Transcrystalline melt migration and Earth's mantle. Science, 314(5801), 970–974.

Autres publications / Other Publications


Devineau, K., Devouard, B., Villieras, F., Faure, F., Devidal, J. L., & Kohler, A. (2006). Evolution of product phase assemblages during thermal decomposition of muscovite under strong disequilibrium conditions. American Mineralogist, 91(2-3), 413–424.


Faure, F., & Schiano, P. (2005). Experimental investigation of equilibration conditions during forsterite growth and melt inclusion formation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 236(3-4), 882–898.


Faure, F., & Schiano, P. (2004). Crystal morphologies in pillow basalts : implications for mid-ocean ridge processes. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 220(3-4), 331–344.


Faure, F., Trolliard, G., Nicollet, C., & Montel, J. M. (2003). A developmental model of olivine morphology as a function of the cooling rate and the degree of undercooling. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 145(2), 251–263.

Faure, F., Trolliard, G., & Soulestin, B. (2003). TEM investigation of forsterite dendrites. American Mineralogist, 88(8-9), 1241–1250.


Faure, F., Trolliard, G., Montel, J. M., & Nicollet, C. (2001). Nano-petrographic investigation of a mafic xenolith (maar de Beaunit, Massif Central, France). European Journal of Mineralogy, 13(1), 27–40.


Magmatic petrology, planetology and geological field courses

Encadrement de thèses / Thesis direction :

  • Benoît Welsch (2010) Signification des océanites dans le fonctionnement du Piton de la Fournaise. (co-direction, P. Bachèlery)
  • Léa Florentin (2013-2017) : Etude d’inclusions vitreuses dans les olivines des chondres de type I : Apport sur la formation de leurs olivines hôtes.(co-direction, E.Deloule)
  • Judith Fournier-Renaud (2014-2017) : Cinétiques de dissolution des cristaux dans les silicates fondus - contexte des verres nucléaires. (Co-directeur Olivier Pinet et Elise Régnier, CEA Marcoule)
  • Lionel Vacher (2015-2018) Hydratation et évolution isotopique précoce des astéroïdes carbonés. (co-direction, Y. Marrocchi)
  • Marion Auxerre (2018-) Origine des chondres barrés.

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