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Assistant ingénieur CNRS

Tel : (33) 3 83 59 42 31 ; Fax : (33) 3 83 51 17 98

e-mail Bouchaib TIBARI

Recherche/Research Interests



Sartégou, A., Blard, P. H., Braucher, R., Bourlès, D. L., Sorriaux, P., Zimmermann, L., et al. (2020). Late Cenozoic evolution of the Ariège River valley (Pyrenees) constrained by cosmogenic 26Al/10Be and 10Be/21Ne dating of cave sediments. Geomorphology, 371, 107441.


Ternois, S., Odlum, M., Ford, M., Pik, R., Stockli, D., Tibari, B., et al. (2019). Thermochronological evidence of early orogenesis,Eastern Pyrenees, France. Tectonics, 38, 1308–1336.


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Puchol, N., Blard, P. H., Pik, R., Tibari, B., & Lavé, J. (2017). Variability of magmatic and cosmogenic 3 He in Ethiopian river sands of detrital pyroxenes: Impact on denudation rate determinations. Chemical Geology, 448, 13–25.
Vacherat, A., Mouthereau, F., Pik, R., Huyghe, P., Paquette, J. L., Christophoul, F., et al. (2017). Rift-to-collision sediment routing in the Pyrenees : A synthesis from sedimentological, geochronological and kinematic constraints. Earth-Science Reviews, 172, 43–74.


Tibari, B., Vacherat, A., Stab, M., Pik, R., Yeghicheyan, D., & Hild, P. (2016). An Alternative Protocol for Single Zircon Dissolution with Application to (U-Th-Sm)/He Thermochronometry. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, .
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