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Maître de conférence, Université de Lorraine

Tel : (33) 3 83 59 48 75 ; Fax : (33) 3 83 51 17 98

e-mail Lyderic France

Recherche/Research Interests

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Magmatic petrology, geochemistry, metamorphic petrology, structural geology, mineralogy, experimental petrology, volcanology…

to study…

…Magma chamber processes


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  • 2010 - présent : Maître de conférences à l’Université de Lorraine, CRPG-CNRS
  • 2009 - 2010 : Attaché Temporaire à l’Enseignement et à la Recherche, Université de Cergy-Pontoise, Géosciences-Cergy
  • 2006 - 2009 : Thèse à Géosciences Montpellier (University Montpellier 2) et à Institut für Mineralogie (Leibniz Universität, Hannover). Magmatic / hydrothermal interactions at fast spreading mid-ocean ridges : Implications on the dynamics of the axial melt lens. Supervision : Benoit Ildefonse, Juergen Koepke
  • 2005 - 2006 : Master au Laboratoire Magmas & Volcans, Université Blaise Pascal (Clermont-Ferrand)
Awards / Distinctions

2010 : Best PhD Award / Prix de thèse CNFG (Comité National Français de Géologie)

2010 : Best PhD Award / Prix de thèse SFMC (Société Française de Minéralogie et Cristallographie)


  • Redox conditions & magmatic processes
  • Magmatism & rifting in Afar (East African rift)
  • Genesis and forthcoming evolution of garnet pyroxenites
  • Tectono-metamorphic (HP-BT) evolution of Attica peninsula


(*.pdf are available below)

Publications CRPG


Erdmann, M., France, L., Fischer, L. A., Deloule, E., & Koepke, J. (2017). Trace elements in anatectic products at the roof of mid-ocean ridge magma chambers: An experimental study. Chemical Geology, 456, 43–57.
Zhang, C., Wang, L. X., Marks, M. A. W., France, L., & Koepke, J. (2017). Volatiles (CO2, S, F, Cl, Br) in the dike-gabbro transition zone at IODP Hole 1256D: Magmatic imprint versus hydrothermal influence at fast-spreading mid-ocean ridge. Chemical Geology, 459, 43–60.


Dick, H. J. B., MacLeod, C. J., Blum, P., Abe, N., Blackman, D. K., Bowles, J. A., et al. (2016). Expedition 360 Preliminary Report: Southwest Indian Ridge lower crust and Moho. Internat. Ocean Discovery Program. Expedition 360 Preliminary Report, .
Fischer, L. A., Erdmann, M., France, L., Wolff, P. E., Deloule, E., Zhang, C., et al. (2016). Trace element evidence for anatexis at oceanic magma chamber roofs and the role of partial melts for contamination of fresh MORB. Lithos, 260, 1–8.
France, L., Demacon, M., Gurenko, A. A., & Briot, D. (2016). Oxygen isotopes reveal crustal contamination and a large, still partially molten magma chamber in Chaîne des Puys (French Massif Central). Lithos, 260, 328–338.
Gu, X., Deloule, E., France, L., & Ingrin, J. (2016). Multi-stage metasomatism revealed by trace element and Li isotope distributions in minerals of peridotite xenoliths from Allègre volcano (French Massif Central). Lithos, 264, 158–174.
Medynski, S., Pik, R., Burnard, P., Dumont, S., Grandin, R., Williams, A., et al. (2016). Magmatic cycles pace tectonic and morphological expression of rifting (Afar depression, Ethiopia). Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 446, 77–88.
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Erdmann, M., Fischer, L. A., France, L., Zhang, C., Godard, M., & Koepke, J. (2015). Anatexis at the roof of an oceanic magma chamber at IODP Site 1256 (equatorial Pacific): an experimental study. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 169(39).
France, L., Chazot, G., Kornprost, J., Dallai, L., Vannucci, R., Grégoire, M., et al. (2015). Mantle refertilization and magmatism in old orogenic regions: The role of late-orogenic pyroxenites. Lithos, 232, 49–75.
Medynski, S., Pik, R., Burnard, P., Vye-Brown, C., France, L., Schimmelpfennig, I., et al. (2015). Stability of rift axis magma reservoirs: Spatial and temporal evolution of magma supply in the Dabbahu rift segment (Afar, Ethiopia) over the past 30 kyr. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 409, 278–289.
Mollex, G., France, L., Burnard, P., & Boudoire, G. (2015). Genesis and evolution of highly alkaline magmas at Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania. In REE mineralizations associated to Late- to Post-Grenvillian Orogeny peraluminous pegmatites, Québec. Proceeding of the 13th Biennial SGA Meeting, 24-27 August 2015, Nancy, France.
Pezzali, I., France, L., Chazot, G., & Vannucci, R. (2015). Analogues of exhumed pyroxenite layers in the Alboran domain sampled as xenoliths by Middle Atlas Cenozoic volcanism. Lithos, 230, 184–188.


France, L., Koepke, J., MacLeod, C. J., Ildefonse, B., Godard, M., & Deloule, E. (2014). Contamination of MORB by anatexis of magma chamber roof rocks: Constraints from a geochemical study of experimental melts and associated residues. Lithos, 202-203, 120–137.


France, L., Ildefonse, B., & Koepke, J. (2013). Hydrous magmatism triggered by assimilation of hydrothermally altered rocks in fossil oceanic crust (northern Oman ophiolite). Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems G3, 14(8), 2598–2614.
Medynski, S., Pik, R., Burnard, P., Williams, A., Vye-Brown, C., Ferguson, D., et al. (2013). Controls on magmatic cycles and development of rift topography of the Manda Hararo segment (Afar, Ethiopia):Insights from cosmogenic 3He investigation of landscape evolution. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 367, 133–145.


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Deschamps, F., Godard, M., Guillot, S., Chauvel, C., Andreani, M., Hattori, K., et al. (2012). Behavior of fluid-mobile elements in serpentines from abyssal to subduction environments: Examples from Cuba and Dominican Republic. Chemical Geology, (312-313), 93–117.
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Koepke, J., France, L., Müller, T., Faure, F., Goetze, N., Dziony, W., et al. (2011). Gabbos from IODP site 1256, equatorial Pacific: Insight into axial magma chamber processes at fast spreading ocean ridges. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems G3, 12(9), Q09014.
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Autres publications / Other publications


France, L., & Nicollet, C. (2010). MetaRep, an extended CMAS 3D program to visualize mafic (CMAS, ACF-S, ACF-N) and pelitic (AFM-K, AFM-S, AKF-S) projections. Computers and Geosciences, 36, 786–791.

France, L., Ildefonse, B., Koepke, J., & Bech, F. (2010). A new method to estimate the oxidation state of basaltic series from microprobe analyses. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 189(3-4), 340–346.

France, L., Koepke, J., Ildefonse, B., Cichy, S. B., & Deschamps, F. (2010). Hydrous partial melting in the sheeted dike complex at fast spreading ridges : experimental and natural observations. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 160(5), 683–704.


France, L., Ildefonse, B., & Koepke, J. (2009). Interactions between magma and hydrothermal system in Oman ophiolite and in IODP Hole 1256D : Fossilization of a dynamic melt lens at fast spreading ridges. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 10.

France, L., Ouillon, N., Chazot, J., Kornprobst, J., & Boivin, P. (2009). CMAS 3D a new program to visualize and project major elements compositions in the CMAS system. Computers and Geosciences, 35, 1304–1310.

Nicolas, A., Boudier, F., & France, L. (2009). Subsidence in magma chamber and the development of magmatic foliation in Oman ophiolite gabbros. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 284(1-2), 76–87.


Nicolas, A., Boudier, F., Koepke, J., France, L., Ildefonse, B., & Mevel, C. (2008). The root zone of the sheeted dike complex in the Oman ophiolite. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 9.


Enseignement : Pétrologie magmatique et métamorphique, géochimie, volcanologie, cartographie, géologie de terrain, géodynamique…

Niveau de licence, master, 2e année (ENSG)

Responsable de l’enseignement de géochimie en licence

Responsable de l’enseignement de Volcanologie en M1 (cours-TD-TP-terrain)

Responsable de l’enseignement de Magmatologie en M2

Responsable du M2 Terre & Planètes (M2-recherche)

Documents joints

10 août 2016
Document : PDF
593.2 ko

10 août 2016
Document : PDF
312.7 ko

Erdmann et al., 2015 ; Contrib. Mineral. Petrol.

27 avril 2015
Document : PDF
3 Mo

Experimental petrology ; Partial melting ; Fast-spreading mid-ocean ridge ; oceanic plagiogranite ; granoblastic hornfels ; conductive boundary layer

Medynski et al., 2015 ; EPSL

27 avril 2015
Document : PDF
3.8 Mo

continent–ocean transition focussed/unfocussed magmatism diking cosmogenic 36Cl and 3He

France et al., 2014 ; Lithos

11 juin 2014
Document : PDF
2.7 Mo

oceanic plagiogranites, granoblastic dikes, hornfels, fast spreading mid-ocean ridges, hydrous partial melting, trace elements, magma chamber processes

France et al., 2013 ; G-cubed

13 octobre 2013
Document : PDF
13.8 Mo

fast-spreading mid-ocean ridges ; Oman ophiolite ; melt lens ; contamination ; axial magma chamber ; gabbro

Medynski et al., 2013 ; EPSL

13 octobre 2013
Document : PDF
2.3 Mo

3He cosmogenic ; rifts ; magmatic accretion ; extension

Bolfan-Casanova et al., 2012 ; American Mineralogist

14 mars 2013
Document : PDF
2.3 Mo

Wadsleyite ; redox ; ferric iron ; hydroxyl defects ; XANES

Deschamps et al., 2012 ; Chemical Geology

14 mars 2013
Document : PDF
11.4 Mo

serpentinites ; subduction zones ; mantle wedge ; abyssal peridotites ; fluid-mobile elements

Koepke et al., 2011 ; G-cubed

14 mars 2013
Document : PDF
2 Mo

East-Pacific Rise ; axial melt lens ; fractional crystallization ; gabbro ; magma chamber processes

France et al., 2010 ; JVGR

14 mars 2013
Document : PDF
248.3 ko

oxybarometer ; oxygen fugacity ; partition coefficient ; clinopyroxene ; plagioclase ; EPMA ; electron micro probe

France et al., 2010 ; Contrib. Mineral. Petrol.

14 mars 2013
Document : PDF
1.6 Mo

Hydrous partial melting ; Mid-ocean ridge ; Axial magma chamber ; Hydrothermal system ; Sheeted dike complex ; Partial melting ; Experimental petrology ; Oceanic plagiogranite ; Granoblastic dikes ; clinopyroxene cpx geothermometer

France & Nicollet, 2010 ; Computers & Geosciences

14 mars 2013
Document : PDF
909.1 ko

Projections ; 3D representation ; Major element ; CMAS ; ACF-S ; ACF-N ; AFM-K ; AFM-S ; AKF-S ; pelitic system ; mafic system

France et al., 2009 ; G-cubed

14 mars 2013
Document : PDF
2.5 Mo

magma hydrothermal interactions ; fast spreading mid-ocean ridges ; Oman ophiolite ; hydrothermal system ; melt lens ; axial magma chamber ; ODP ; IODP ; 1256D

Nicolas et al., 2009 : EPSL

14 mars 2013
Document : PDF
3.1 Mo

Oman ophiolite ; fast spreading ridges ; magma chamber ; gabbro subsidence ; oceanic crust accretion ; foliated gabbros

France et al., 2009 ; Computers & Geosciences

14 mars 2013
Document : PDF
598.6 ko

CMAS system ; 3D ; Projection ; CMAS projections

Nicolas et al., 2008 ; G-cubed

14 mars 2013
Document : PDF
8 Mo

fast spreading ridges ; lid/gabbros transition ; Oman ophiolite ; HT hydrothermalism