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The Noble Gases as Geochemical Tracers

The Noble Gases as Geochemical Tracers

Volume Editor : Pete Burnard peteb

This volume of the Advances in Isotope Geochemistry Series will detail the use of noble gases as tracers in terrestrial applications. Over the last 20 years or so, noble gas geochemistry in the earth sciences has considerably broadened in scope with for example important new contributions from the noble gases to : measurements of trapped air in ice cores ; assessment of the viability of geological CO2 storage ; palaeoenvironmental noble gas proxies in porewaters ; and determination of mass accumulation rates during sedimentation. This volume will serve as a modern reference for established researchers in the field to remain abreast of recent developments, for students requiring detailed information on the state of the art techniques, and to incoming researchers without a noble gas background but with applications that could benefit from constraints provided by noble gas geochemistry. Each chapter within the volume deals with a specific noble gas tracer application, explaining the fundamentals of the technique, the details of sampling and sampling strategies, techniques for analysis, error estimation, finishing with data treatment and data interpretation using case studies.

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11 mai 2012
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