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Chercheur postdoctoral / Postdoctoral researcher

Tel : (33) 3 83 59 42 11 ; Fax : (33) 3 83 51 17 98

Sébastien Lénard

Recherche/Research Interests

In the context of the interactions between tectonics, climate and erosion, my interests focus on obtaining reliable paleoenvironmental records to track the evolution of the Earth’s surface during the late Cenozoic. For this, I develop a multi-dating approach combined with erosion quantification using cosmogenic isotopes and provenance caracterization using isotopy and geochemistry.


Publications CRPG

Accepted Papers [1] Data report : calcareous nannofossils and lithologic constraints on the age model of IODP Site U1450. Lenard S. J. P., Cruz J., France-Lanord C., Lavé J. & Reilly B. T. IODP Proceedings (accepté janvier 2020).

[2] Steady erosion rates of the Himalaya through late Cenozoic climatic changes. Lenard S. J. P., Lavé J., France-Lanord C. & Aster Team. Nature Geosciences (accepté mars 2020).

[3] Evolution de l’Himalaya du Miocene à nos jours à partir de l’histoire de son érosion. PhD thesis. Directors : Jérôme LAVÉ and Christian FRANCE-LANORD

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Autres publications


I tought undergraduate and graduate classes at the Université de Lorraine and the Université de Poitiers from 2016 to 2019. Graduate courses : geostatistics, geophysics, programming Undergraduate courses : general geology, mapping, tectonics, petrology, mineralogy


Valmiki Maloni Naha section Marine and continental sedimentary sites

Documents joints

Late Cenozoic 10Be paleo-erosion rates measured in the Siwaliks of the Central Himalayan range

13 mars 2018
Document : PDF
2.1 Mo

S. J.P. Lenard, J. Lavé, J. Charreau, C. France-Lanord, R. Pik, presented in HKT 2016, Aussois, France

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