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Chercheur post-doctorant CNRS

Tel : (33) 3 83 59 42 11 ; Fax : (33) 3 83 51 17 98

e-mail Michael Broadley

Recherche/Research Interests

"I have recently started as a new postdoctoral researcher at CRPG here in Nancy. During my time here I will be working with Bernard Marty and the rest of the noble gas team on gaining a better understanding as to how the Earth obtained its volatiles, and how they have subsequently evolved through time.

My previous research background has revolved around using noble gas isotopes and halogens to trace the return of surface volatiles (atmosphere, seawater etc.) back to the mantle. During my PhD at the University of Manchester I focused on subduction related metasomatism within the lithosphere. I then extended this research to include diamonds and other deep mantle samples during a JSPS fellowship at the University of Tokyo before starting my current position at CRPG."



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Marty, B., Avice, G., Bekaert, D. V., & Broadley, M. W. (2018). Salinity of the Archaean oceans from analysis of fluid inclusions in quartz. Comptes Rendus Geoscience, 350, 154–163.


Broadley, M. W., Burgess, R., Kumagai, H., Curran, N. M., & Ballentine, C. J. (2017). Halogen variations through the quenched margin of a MORB lava: Evidence for direct assimilation of seawater during eruption. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems G3, 18, 2413–2428.

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