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Chargée de recherche CNRS,

Géologue martienne et lunaire

Tel : (33) 3 83 59 42 15 ; Fax : (33) 3 83 51 17 98

e-mail Jessica Flahaut

Personal webpage :…

Recherche/ Research interests

- *Planetary Geology (Mars, the Moon, Mercury), Sedimentary and Magmatic Processes
- *Remote Sensing Techniques, Data Processing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
- *Hyperspectral Analysis, Mineralogy, IR and Raman Spectroscopy – ExoMars/ISEM and Luna/LIS sci. teams, formerly MSL and ChemCam teams
- *Landing Site Selection (Mars, the Moon) – Exomars2020 LSSWG Member
- *Field Geology, Sample Collection, Preparation and Analyses (microscopy, Raman + reflectance spectroscopy, XRD), Analog Studies, Campaign Logistics


  • 2018 - Chargée de recherche CNRS - CRPG Nancy (Fr)
  • 2016-2018 - Chargée de recherche CNRS - IRAP Toulouse (Fr)
  • 2015-2016 - CNES Research Fellow - University of Lyon (Fr)
  • 2013-2015 - VENI Research Fellow - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL)
  • 2012-2013 - Postdoctoral Fellow - IAS Orsay (Fr)
  • 2008- 2011 - PhD Thesis, ENS Lyon (Fr) (+Brown University (RI))
  • 2006- 2008 - Master’s in Geology , ENS Lyon (Fr) (+ETH Zürich (CH))


Publications CRPG


Aerts, J. W., Riedo, A., Melton, D. J., Martini, S., Flahaut, J., Meierhenrich, U. J., et al. (2020). Biosignature analysis of Mars soil analogs from the Atacama Desert : Challenges and implications for future missions to Mars. Astrobiology, 20(6).
Cremonese, G., Capaccioni, F., Capria, M. T., Doressoundiram, A., Palumbo, P., Vincendon, M., et al. (2020). SIMBIO-SYS : Scientific cameras and spectrometer for the BepiColombo mission. Space Science Reviews, 216(75).
Flahaut, J., Carpenter, J., Williams, J. P., Anand, M., Crawford, I. A., van Westrenen, W., et al. (2020). Regions of interest (ROI) for future exploration missions to the lunar South Pole. Planetary and Space Science, 180, 104750.
Martinot, M., Flahaut, J., Besse, S., Quantin-Nataf, C., & van Westrenen, W. (2020). Mineralogical survey of the anorthositic Feldspathic Highlands Terrane crust using Moon Mineralogy Mapper data. Icarus, 345, 113747.
Meurisse, A., Flahaut, J., Reiss, P., & Carpenter, J. D. (2020). Preface to the special issue on “Space resources”. Planetary and Space Science, 185, 1042894.
Schnuriger, N., Flahaut, J., Martinot, M., & Chevrel, S. D. (2020). Long-lived volcanism expressed through mare infilling, domes and IMPs in the Arago region of the Moon. Planetary and Space Science, 185, 104901.


Aerts, J. W., van Spanning, R. J. M., Flahaut, J., Molenaar, D., Bland, P. H., Genge, M. J., et al. (2019). Microbial communities in sediments from four mildly acidic ephemeral salt lakes in the Yilgarn Craton (Australia) – Terrestrial analogs to ancient Mars. Frontiers in Microbiology, 10.
Flahaut, J., Bishop, J. L., Silvestro, S., Tedesco, D., Daniel, I., & Loizeau, D. (2019). The Italian Solfatara as an analog for Mars fumarolic alteration. American Mineralogist, 104, 1565–1577.
Guitreau, M., & Flahaut, J. (2019). Record of low-temperature aqueous alteration of Martian zircon during the late Amazonian. Nature Communications, 10(1), 2457.
Mangold, N., Flahaut, J., & Ansan, V. (2019). The surface composition of terrestrial planets. Oxford Research Encyclopedias Planetary Science, .


Huang, J., Xiao, Z., Flahaut, J., Martinot, M., Head, J., Xiao, X., et al. (2018). Geological characteristics of Von Kármán Crater, Northwestern South Pole‐Aitken Basin: Chang'E‐4 Landing site region. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets), .
Martinot, M., Flahaut, J., Besse, S., Quantin-Nataf, C., & van Westrenen, W. (2018). Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets Compositional Variations in the Vicinity of the Lunar Crust-Mantle Interface From Moon Mineralogy Mapper Data. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets), 123, 3220–3237.
Qian, Y. Q., Xiao, L., Zhao, S. Y., Zhao, J. N., Huang, J., Flahaut, J., et al. (2018). Geology and Scientific significance of the Rümker region in Northern Oceanus Procellarum: China's Chang'E‐5 Landing region. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets), 123(6).
Schmidt, G., Fueten, F., Stesky, R., Flahaut, J., & Hauber, E. (2018). Geology of Hebes Chasma, Mars: 1. Structure, Stratigraphy, and Mineralogy of the Interior Layered Deposits. Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets), 123(123), 2893–2919.

Autres publications/Other publications


  • Marco Figuera, R., B. Pham Huu, A. P. Rossi, M. Minin, J. Flahaut et al., Online characterization of planetary surfaces : PlanetServer, an open-source analysis and visualization tool. In press at PSS, doi:10.1016/j.pss.2017.09.007.
  • Martinot M., S. Besse, J. Flahaut, C. Quantin-Nataf and W. van Westrenen (2018), Mineralogical diversity and geology of Humboldt crater with M3 data. JGR, 123(2), 612-629, doi:10.1002/2017JE005435.
  • Loizeau D., J. Carter, J. Flahaut, C. Quantin, P.Thollot, L. Lozac’h, C. Millot (2018), Quantifying widespread aqueous surface weathering on Mars : the plateaus south of Coprates Chasma. Icarus, 302, 451-469, doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2017.11.002.


  • Fueten F., N. Novakovic, R. Stesky, J. Flahaut, E. Hauber, A. P. Rossi, The Evolution of Juventae Chasm, Valles Marineris, Mars : Progressive collapse and sedimentation (2018). J. Geophys. Res. Planets, 122,2229-2243, doi:10.1002/2017JE005334.
  • Williams, J. P., J. M.Dohm, R. J. Soare , J. Flahaut, R. M. C. Lopes, A. V. Pathare, and D. L. Buczkowski (2017), Long-lived volcanism within Argyre Basin, Mars. Icarus, 293, 8-26, doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2017.04.001.
  • Brustel C. , J. Flahaut , E. Hauber, F. Fueten, R. Stesky , C. Quantin, G.R. Davies (2017), Valles Marineris volcanic history inferred from dikes in eastern Coprates Chasma. 122, 1353–1371, doi:10.1002/2016JE005231.
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  • Fueten F., J. Flahaut, R. Stesky, E. Hauber and A. P. Rossi (2014), Stratigraphy and mineralogy of Candor Mensa, West Candor Chasma, Mars : Insights into the Geologic History of Valles Marineris,J. Geophys. Res. Planets, 119, doi:10.1002/2013JE004557.


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  • Quantin C., J. Flahaut, H. Clenet, P. Allemand, and P. Thomas, (2012), Composition and structure of the subsurface in the vicinity of Valles Marineris as revealed by central uplift of impacts craters, Icarus, 221 (1), 436-452,doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2012.07.031.
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  • Flahaut J., J.-F. Blanchette-Guertin, C. Jilly, P. Sharma, A. Souchon, W. van Westrenen and D. A. Kring (2012), Identification and characterization of science-rich landing sites for lunar lander missions using integrated remote sensing observations,Advances in Space Research, 50(12), 1647–1665, doi:10.1016/j.asr.2012.05.020. Rewarded with the most outstanding paper award for young scientists of COSPAR.
  • Le Deit L., J. Flahaut, C. Quantin, E. Hauber, D. Mège, O. Bourgeois et al. (2012), Extensive surface pedogenic alteration of the Martian Noachian crust evidenced by plateau phyllosilicates around Valles Marineris,Journal of Geophysical Research, 117, E00J05, doi:10.1029/2011JE003983.


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  • Flahaut J., C. Quantin, P. Allemand, P. Thomas and L. Le Deit(2010), Identification, repartition and possible origins of sulfates in Capri Chasma (Mars), inferred from CRISM data,Journal of Geophysical Research, 115, E11007, doi:10.1029/2009JE003566.
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