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Directeur de recherche CNRS

Tel : (33) 3 83 59 42 21 ; Fax : (33) 3 83 51 17 98

Service National Sonde Ionique

e-mail Etienne Deloule

Recherche/Research interests

  • Water Cycle and exchange between mantle - crust and ocean
  • Distribution of water and its exchange between the different Earth reservoirs : ion microprobe measurements of water concentration and isotopic composition of mantle peridotite and lower crust granulite xenoliths
  • Trace element and stable isotope behavior and budget in the subduction process : study of the eclogitic samples of Dabie Shen, study of the melt inclusion in olivine from Antilles back arc volcanism
  • Dating of hydrothermal circulations : development of U-Pb and Rb-Sr dating by ion microprobe or LA-ICP-MS on accessory minerals of hydrothermal deposits
  • Origin of water in the Solar System and water behavior in the condensation process
  • Technical development of trace element and isotopic ratio measurements and of dating by ion microprobe


  • Doctorat ès Sciences, Nancy (1991)
  • 1991-1992 : Assistant professor, University Paris VII, Geochemistry Cosmochemistry laboratory (Professor Allègre)
  • 1992-1998 : CNRS Researcher, Geochemistry Cosmochemistry laboratory, IPG Paris and University Paris VII. Research : isotopic signatures to study ore deposits
  • 1998-1990 : Consulting for Cameca, ion and electron microprobe builder
  • 1998- present : CNRS Researcher at CRPG Nancy
  • Oct. 1992- May 1993 : Visiting research associate at Caltech, div. of Geological and Planetary Sciences, laboratory of Pr. G. Wasserburg


Publications CRPG


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  • masters degree courses on geochronology, geochemistry and magmas

Thesis supervision

  • Sylvie Decitre (2000) : Lithium behavior during hydrothermal alteration of the oceanic crust and the lithium global cycle (L.Reisberg, co-director)
  • Peggy Georges (2000) : Experimental study of potassium condensation in silicate melt and its implication for the meteoritic chondrule formation process (G. Libourel, co-director)
  • Nathalie Valle (2000) : Experimental isotopic tracing of hydrothermal alteration processes of nuclear wastes confining matrix (G. Libourel, co-director)
  • Laure Martin (2004) : Interpretation of the Zircon U-Pb ages in the metamorphic evolution of Naxos and Ikaria islands, Cyclades, Greece (S. Duchêne and O. Vanderhaeghe, co-directors)
  • Anne-Sophie Bouvier (2008) : Study of the primary melts preserved in melt inclusions in olivine from baslats of the Lesser Antilles Island arc (N. Métrich, co-director)
  • Céline Martin (2009) : Hafnium and REE mobility in metamorphic conditions (S. Duchêne and B. Luais, co-directors)
  • Romain Mathieu (2009) : Alkali condensation in silicate and metallic melt phases (G. Libourel, co-director)
  • Xiaoyan Gu (2016) : Melt-rock interaction signatures in peridotite from sub-continental mantle (French Massif Central) : A trace element, H, Li and δ7Li approach (J. Ingrin, co-director)
  • Léa Florentin (2017) : Etude d’inclusions vitreuses dans les olivines des chondres de type I : apport sur la formation de leurs olivines hôtes (F. Faure, co-director)

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